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Tiny Blonde Teen Aria is shocked to discover she has been thrown off the most popular social media platform going – Dik Tok.
Tiny Blonde Teen had over a million followers and now none.
Well, this little aspiring social media superstar is not going to take this without a fight.
Tiny Blonde Teen immediately gets on the phone with the powers that be at Dik Tok and gets in touch with a social manager who agrees to meet with her and find out why her account has been suspended.
Showing up he immediately sets Aria right. She cannot be showing her titties and ass and lady bits on their platform.
That is against community standards. In fact, she can’t be having dicks in her face or in her mouth either.
Lucky for Aria he is willing to show her all of the things she cannot be doing on their platform.
It is quite a bit as he takes her through all sorts of positions and nasty things that she cannot be doing to build her superstar status. Nope.
So it looks like after the reprimands she will be getting back her profile.
But for how long? You can’t keep a good slut down.

Date: July 20, 2021

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