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Five-foot two, eyes of blue…
Ok, she doesn’t have blue eyes but today’s exploit Amateur Asian Roxy is five foot two and just like the saying, or the beautiful small turquoise box from Tiffany’s, “Good things CUM in small boxes.”
I believe there’s also a donut shop in the North West called Voodoo Donuts and they have a great saying.
“Good things CUM in pink boxes.”
Get it?
Donuts are good and they come in a box that’s pink.
Ok. Ok. Ok.
Listen you non-perverts.
You see, to girls cocks are good, and they cum in pussies, which are pink boxes.
Are you now getting what I’m serving here?
That’s creativity and thinking outside the pink box people, so kudos to them.
But now on the dirtier side of the street, referring to our minds being in the gutter.
Giggity! I just love a good play-on-words and Jake’s mind and hormones are flowing thru the gutter today as exploit Amateur Asian Roxy is picked up and boy oh boy is she excited to get some nasty naughty sex.
As with all our first-timers, she’s happier than a lark it appears and she’s on the “quite impressed” side of things with the ExCoGi fuck mobile.
Which by the way is a sure-fire panty dropper and pretty much guarantees most girls, which includes Amateur Asian Roxy’s Pretty Pink Pussy Lipped Box (Say that fast 10 times) are already flowing wet.
So we find out Roxy likes girls, and she masturbates exclusively to lesbian porn.
Love that.
But she does confess she’d never date a girl because she’s way too dominant and girls are you know… crazy.
She also confesses she’s a little CRAZY herself and concludes it just wouldn’t work out dating one.
Well, we’re all a little crazy Roxy and we’ll see just how crazy, or dominate you are for that matter when Jake takes out his man meat and introduces it to that pretty pink box and virgin asshole of yours.
OH Yes, today’s a beautiful day you see because Amateur Asian Roxy’s that type of girl.
The type of girl that’s down for anything, and I mean ANYTHING, and we love it.
It’s like if you were a Vegas card dealer and a hottie sits down at your table and says to you, “Dealers Choice buddy, lets play whatever you want to”, SWING!
Get it?
Yes, we all thought today was going to be just a standard day of hot as fuck VAG sex, but OH NO!
Hot little number Amateur Asian Roxy’s bringing us to the fun as fuck seedy back-alley bar with the sign at the rear door that reads:
“Lick HER up Front, Poker In the REAR” and that deserves a BIG SWING!
Yes, today’s the day that Jake sweet talks and seduces our little Roxy until she’s soooooo taken with him and the mastery of his magic wand, that she’s letting him boldly go where no man, toy, or finger has gone before.
But did she love it, Steve? Watch the video. But Steve did she have her first anal orgasm today?
Watch the video.
Well tell us at least was she DP’d with toys and fucked silly till she couldn’t walk straight?
Again, watch the video, and yes as always… You’re all very welcome. Also, watch the bathroom shower section.
Jake fucks the shit out of her in there at the end. Very unexpected, but hot. Just telling you.

Date: April 20, 2021

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