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This amazing beautiful tiny Latina teen is Camila Cortez a hot new pornstar with perky tits, tight pussy, and bubble butt.

Tattooed and tanned 20-year-old new pornstar Camila Cortez makes her Hussie Pass debut this week, and we paired her up with the one-and-only Filthy Rich for this week’s RRRREALLY great update!
During the interview portion of the program we get to know a little about the lovely Latina newbie as Johnny Robbins brushes up on his Spanglish.
Amazing beautiful tiny Latina Camila then warms herself up by rubbing away at her clit and meaty vag.
In slides Rich with some lube and before you know it, tiny Latina Camila is writhing away as he feverishly massages her slit.
Camila turns around and lets Rich finish lubing up her phenomenal ass, which she then twerks for us in a mesmerizing fashion Rich slides his head under Camila as she’s bouncing her butt and begins to lap away at her coed cooch He turns her over and continues to munch away at her spread-eagle vagina until Camila returns the oral favor by deepthroating his stiff prick.
Tiny Latina Camila Cortez follows this up by eating Rich’s ass and giving him a slippery footjob.
Then it’s time for the fucking, where we get to see all the different versions of Camila’s OH FACE.
She takes all of Rich’s big dick cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, piledriver, and doggy style until he can hold out no longer and finishes himself on Camila’s cute little face.
Afterward, we caught up with Camila in the shower to see how things went…
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Date: May 7, 2021
Actors: Camila Cortez

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